How To Buy Imitation Pearls That Are Flawless

For few, imitation pearls are easy to spot, but for many it can be difficult task to pick out the imitation ones, with the naked eyes. The individuals have to make sure, that the pearl is real by testing it for the genuineness. Many tests are performed right at the jewelery store, before they make their purchases. Few tests include friction test, flaw test, matching test, overtone test and weight test. Few jewellers may even help the individuals perform a surface magnification test. Other test, like the tooth test and drilled hole test, are considered to be best performed on pieces they already own.

The Amathea Pendant

Image Courtesy:- Real Pearl Jewellery in India

The fake pearls can be distinguished based on their surface texture. By rubbing a pearl against the teeth is quick and simple way to determine the texture. When you lightly rub a pearl or a strand of pearls along the biting edge of the upper front teeth. The real pearls do feel slightly gritty, while most fake pearls do make it feel smooth. Alternatively, place he pearl between the teeth and bite down gently. By lightly slide your teeth back and forth over the pearl's surface to guage its texture. If the individuals still have the difficulty in distinguishing the texture, rub a round glass bead against the bitting edge of the upper front teeth for comparison. People love to adorn hand made jewellery in indian market.

The friction test, the gritty surface texture of the real pearl should produce notable amount of friction when they rub it against the another pearl. They should select two pearls from the set, such as two pearls from the same necklace or two pearl earrings. Lightly rub two pearls together. Note the amount of friction between the two. Smooth pearls are likely fake, but the two pearls if they offer resistance then it may be real. Thus real pearl jewellery are very expensive when compared to artificial ones.

Most women, prefer to adorn white gold pearl earrings on the wedding day. These earrings make the bride look elegant. Few of them choose to adorn gold pearl ring and few others choose to diamond pearl ring. Another method to test, whether the pearl are real or artificial is through surface magnification. They can look at the pearls through high powered magnifier. If they do not have a magnifier, they should borrow the magnifying glass. By placing the pearls, beneath the magnifier glass, they can examine its surface. If the pearl are perfect in shape, then they are fake ones as real ones are mostly not in perfect shape. The real pearls will have small flaws and the artificial ones are flawless.


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