Tips to buy navaratna jewelry india online

The term Navaratna means nine gems. There are nine gems which form the Navratna and this concept has lot of historical significance. When it comes to popularity, the navratna has been renowned in many cultures and they have mentioned in various religions. While, earlier only Asians were fond of Navratna jewelry, but nowadays this form of jewelry has gained world wide popularity. The navratna jewelry is believed to bring luck and prosperity to the individuals adorning them. Hence many who aim to be prosperous tend to buy these pieces. In the hope that they would become prosperous.

navaratna jewelry india

This jewelry style does symbolizes the solar system with a ruby in the center ( which resembles sun) encircled by other 8 planetary gemstones. The combination of these nine gems is considered very scared and regal. The individuals who desire to adorn these individual gemstones for the continuous period, they need to consult a gemologist. The individual gem of particular weight can be worn only according to the astrological chart. It is very popular belief that few stones like blue sapphire did not suite everyone. If they worn as per astrological chart it can turn a pauper into a king and if not favorable it can have serious adverse effects also. This stone helped many rags to riches stories attached to it. It is believed to work wonders for celebrities such as Amitablh Bachan, he has been sporting two blue sapphire rings. The individuals can visit navaratna jewelry india site and navratna earrings design site to make their purchases. Those who prefer to adorn rubies can visit the navaratna ruby rings site and make their purchases.

On the other hand, the gold jewelry for men brings only positive effects and they do not require to refer astrological chart to adorn those rings. When the gems are in constant touch with the skin, they are believed to produce positive energy which result in healing the effects on the body. Its nine colors does compliment all skin tones and matches well with their outfits. The Navratna pieces are colorful and they help in making great style statement. The Navratna necklaces and bracelets are gaining popularity.

The Navratna jewelry are worn as a ring or a pendant. The correct way of adorning a Navaratna ring is adorning the blue sapphire gem representing the Saturn pointing towards the body on the ring finger. The stones are used for astrological reasons and they may have natural inclusions, but these stone should not have any color enhancement, heat treatment and cracks.


Why Gold Jewelry Pieces Should be Brought From Reputed stores

The individuals by adjusting their life between work, family and home, they would scarcely have enough time to visit the retail jewelry store hence they prefer to shop from Brautiful gold jewellery online store or shop online earrings store and make purchases. The design and style available is unique and rare. The individuals may attempt to art their wardrobe with natural pieces which might be matched so that they can get dressed simple as well as brisk. The fundamental adornments keep the popular crosswise over seasons, while the current pattern is about striking the articulation making pieces and vibrant bohos. There is some determination which keeps them adaptable. These are sensitive and they engage in gold plated stylish gems. They are not only elegant, smooth, popular, low upkeep and have minimal effort.

The Enchanted Twist Ring

The gold plated jewelry is a pretty as true gold and they do not create dent in the pocket. It could be worn each day schedule. The gold plated adornments are made by plating a meager layer of gold on to alloys, silver, copper and brass and so forth. The gold jewelry never goes out of style and for great reason on the grounds that gold is as wearer accommodating as they wonderful. The immaculate gold does not respond with different components to make discolor, the buildup that amasses on few metals before exchanging to the skin as stain.The gold stud earrings are also very popular. The Individuals while buying the gold stud earring they should opt to buy from the reputed stores instead of opting to buy from the stores which are not reputed. The online stores also offers the option of emi. If the individual do not large amount of money they can opt to buy through emi option. This will help the customers to purchase their desired pieces of jewelry. Latest Diamond Tanmaniya from Online Jewellery Stores in India.

The online stores also offer the option to cash on delivery. Those customers who do not have bank account can opt to buy cash on delivery mode. The customers while buying varied pieces from the stores they should also ensure to read the reviews of the stores. If the reviews are positive then they should opt to buy from those stores if they find the reviews are negative then they should not opt to buy from those stores. The customers while shopping from the stores, they should also try to speak to customer service executive if they have any queries.

How To Determine Gold Jewellery Earrings And Their Popularity

Earrings form one of the imporart parts in every set, kind and box of jewelry. This is one particular adornment that, brings a great changeover to the appearance of the wearer and adds to their dress up. This is an old form of ornament that is worn by piercing ears. Until recent years, it was the accessory for women only but these days, men are also wearing them in appropriate designs and styles. The influence of western fashions and the growing fashion industry, are one of the main factors that are motivating men to try them. But unlike ladies, guys wear them mostly on one ear only.

The Aanamika Earrings

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Different metals, and materials are used for crafting this adornment but above all, gold remains the favorite of many individuals and designers as well. This beautiful and expensive metal is very soft and it simplifies the work of designers in crafting ornaments in required shapes and designs. Gold Jewellery Earrings and also other pieces have a great demand in India. They are preferred the most on important occasions like marriage, engagement, birthdays and anniversary etc. The sparkle of this metal keeps everyone glued to your jewelry and appearance and therefore, makes you stand out of the crowd. Latest Earrings Online Shopping Choose Your Favorite Earring Design in India.

Earrings have several varieties and styles in them like floral, hoops, drops, and navaratna etc. Of all the styles, studs are one of the older and popular forms that has lured women since ages. Yellow Gold Stud Earring complements well on every lady regardless of her style and personality. Moreover, this metal stands for love, passion and trust in relationships and hence, they are chosen for brides on their wedding ceremony. Generally, Indian jewelry is considered to be traditional and comes mostly in heavy designs. But today, you will find them in very lastest and fashionable designs that enable you to pick ornaments in your favorite form.

A plus point for customers is, today there are also stores available over internet apart from the regular outlets. Virtual portals are beneficial for shopping in many ways like they offer huge options in jewelry, allow you to access them whenever necessary, you can avail special offers and discounts on certain occasions, and the highlight is, now you can also place order for customized items at affordable rates. Buying Earrings Online is completely a convenient and hassle free process. But you can enjoy the shopping experience only if you select a reliable and legitimate store that ensures fine quality of the adornments you purchase.

How To Buy Imitation Pearls That Are Flawless

For few, imitation pearls are easy to spot, but for many it can be difficult task to pick out the imitation ones, with the naked eyes. The individuals have to make sure, that the pearl is real by testing it for the genuineness. Many tests are performed right at the jewelery store, before they make their purchases. Few tests include friction test, flaw test, matching test, overtone test and weight test. Few jewellers may even help the individuals perform a surface magnification test. Other test, like the tooth test and drilled hole test, are considered to be best performed on pieces they already own.

The Amathea Pendant

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The fake pearls can be distinguished based on their surface texture. By rubbing a pearl against the teeth is quick and simple way to determine the texture. When you lightly rub a pearl or a strand of pearls along the biting edge of the upper front teeth. The real pearls do feel slightly gritty, while most fake pearls do make it feel smooth. Alternatively, place he pearl between the teeth and bite down gently. By lightly slide your teeth back and forth over the pearl's surface to guage its texture. If the individuals still have the difficulty in distinguishing the texture, rub a round glass bead against the bitting edge of the upper front teeth for comparison. People love to adorn hand made jewellery in indian market.

The friction test, the gritty surface texture of the real pearl should produce notable amount of friction when they rub it against the another pearl. They should select two pearls from the set, such as two pearls from the same necklace or two pearl earrings. Lightly rub two pearls together. Note the amount of friction between the two. Smooth pearls are likely fake, but the two pearls if they offer resistance then it may be real. Thus real pearl jewellery are very expensive when compared to artificial ones.

Most women, prefer to adorn white gold pearl earrings on the wedding day. These earrings make the bride look elegant. Few of them choose to adorn gold pearl ring and few others choose to diamond pearl ring. Another method to test, whether the pearl are real or artificial is through surface magnification. They can look at the pearls through high powered magnifier. If they do not have a magnifier, they should borrow the magnifying glass. By placing the pearls, beneath the magnifier glass, they can examine its surface. If the pearl are perfect in shape, then they are fake ones as real ones are mostly not in perfect shape. The real pearls will have small flaws and the artificial ones are flawless.