How to safely do navaratna jewelry shopping online

The term navratna means nine gems. There are nearing to nine gems which form the navaratna and this concept has lot of historical significance. When it comes to popularity, the jewels has been renowned in many cultures and has been mentioned in various religions like Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and Budhism. Earlier the Asians were fond of Navratna jewelry but nowadays this form of jewelry has gained world wide popularity. These jewels are believed to bring luck as wel as prosperity to the person adorning it. These jewelry style does symbolize the solare system with the ruby in the center encircled by the other 8 planetary gemstones. The combination of these nine gems are considered to be scared and regal. Those who are interested do tend to visit the sites such as Beautiful navaratna jewelry shop online site and make purchases.

navaratna jewelry shop online

The ruby is considered to be the symbol of health, wisdom, wealth and sucess in love. The diamonds ae placed in the east direction. The princess cut navaratna earrings are priced lower when compared to the round cut navratna earrings. Those who are interested to purchase the pendants they check the navratna pendant price and if it reasonable they tend to buy them.They are believed to enhance the name, fame and creative talents of the wearer. They are adorned to offer strength to the heart. The red coral is placed in the south. It offers courage and they also help to cure the blood related disease. The Hessonite or Garnet it is in the southwest direction. This tone fullfills the ambitions, improves social relationships and protect the wearer from the sudden misfortunes. Top Reasons Why Online Shopping is so Popular in India.

The blue sapphire, is placed in the west, the blue sapphire removes all evil effects of the saturn. It long been the favorite among the priests as well as the kings, who are considered to be the symbol of wisdom and purity. The cat's eye, it protects the wearer from the enemies, mysterious dangers as well as diseases. The yellow sapphire is placed in the north direction. The stone is widely used gem which help in achieving the sucess in the career as well as offer stability in the love life. The emerald, it is placed in the northeast and they are believed to protect against illness and physical danger and evil.

For adorning the individual gemstones for a continuous period, they need to consult the gemologist. The individual gem of a particular weight can be worn only as per the astrological chart. It is a very popular belief that few stones like the blue sapphire do not suit everyone. If they adorn as per the astrological chart it can turn a pauper into a king and if not favorable it can also have a serious adverse effect. This stone has helped many individuals to rise from rags to riches. It is believed to work wonders for Amitabh bachan, he has been sporting the two blue sapphire rings.

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