Indian Jewelry – A Symbol of Style and Elegance

The myriad styles of India jewelry designs are an adornment for women. India has got a unique history for jewelry and its admiration. Ancient India stands as a platform for varied jewelry styles. Both men and women had favored this ethnic jewelry which was a symbol of culture, tradition and pride. Jewelry is not only considered as a means of adornment but many purchase it as security assets to overcome crisis.  

earring design

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Jewelry and women are a greatest combination of beauty and style. There are many occasions when women flaunt their jewelry in combination with attractive attire. With the changing times, the tradition of adorning the all new designer gold jewelry has gone beyond expectation. The modern ornament designers create a delicate jewelry to with a specific theme to attract all age groups. India jewelry designs are a combination of uniqueness, traditional quality and styling factor. India is a country famous for its traditional heavy and voluminous jewelry. In recent times, there is other metal jewelry too, which are gaining equal importance.

A woman uses various kinds of jewelry made up of silver, gold, copper etc, to emphasize their feminine beauty. Kundan jewelry is an integral part of life, right from the time of birth; there are various occasions where jewelry plays a prominent role in celebrations. This evolved a trend in the field of fashion. In modern india, the wedding jewelry have made a lot of transformation right from the, earring design, necklace, bangles designs all the antique jewelry are added with modern finishes to make it more appealing and attractive. There are various types of jewelry available in the market designed for all the auspicious occasions. Some of these are bead jewelry, antique jewelry, bridal jewelry, custom jewelry, handmade jewelry and fashion jewelry. 

Even though the trend of male adorning stunning gold jewelry from online have changed in recent times but still there is a huge liking for pendants, chains, finger rings, bracelets etc. However there are many designers who work on creating unique gold male ring designs, pendant designs, bracelet designs, to provide simple and fashion jewelry to men. Modern men prefer an ornament which is simple, masculine and trendy. 

Every state and region of India represents a unique tradition in crafting a jewelry design. Indian traditional and modern jewelry designs are not only famous within the country but also developed recognition globally.


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